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Jadole Naturals

Nail & Cuticle Treatment Oil 10ml

Nail & Cuticle Treatment Oil 10ml

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Ethyl Acetate, Sweet Almond,Oxybenzone ,Tocopherol

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The best care for your nails and cuticles may be obtained naturally with Jadole Naturals Nail and Cuticle Treatment Oil. To make sure your nails always look their best, this 10ml bottle is perfect for traveling with. The oil effectively hydrates and shields your cuticles, preventing them from becoming dry and cracked, thanks to its robust blend of natural ingredients. By strengthening your nails, you may also stop them from peeling and breaking and replace them with ones that seem young, vibrant, and healthy. The magical nail elixir uses Mineral and Cherry Plum Oils to nourish your nails and provide them with the best possible care, making them seem strong, healthy, and beautiful. For optimum results, simply apply the oil directly to your cuticles and gently massage until absorbed. Added to your cart? 
  • The superior Jadole Naturals Cuticle and Nail Treatment Oil is designed to nourish and care for your nails, giving them a strong, desirable appearance. It is the combination of natural ingredients works to hydrate and shield your cuticles and prevents them.
  • Its strengthens your nails to prevent cracking and peeling, you may have beautiful, healthy nails all year round. The natural ingredients including vitamins and nourishing oils, is made to provide your nails and cuticles the best possible treatment.
  • Simply apply directly to your cuticles and massage gently until absorbed. Apply often to ensure the best results and maintain healthy cuticles on untrimmed or manicured nails.
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